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CUE Unplugged is held during and as a part of the first two days of the Computer Using Educators Conference (CUE) March 4 - 6, 2010. It is two days of presentations where anyone can sign up to present on-site in our own "lounge" area. The presentations will also be streamed virtually in Elluminate .

Have you always wanted to present at CUE but were not selected? Or do you have a topic to present or discuss that wasn't timely when formal presentation applications were due last year, but is so now? If so, sign yourself up! (Special note to presenters representing commercial companies: This is not a venue for direct promotion of your commercial product[s].) OR: Do you have a helpful and friendly personality? Do you want to participate in Unplugged, but don't feel up to doing a presentation? Consider being a facilitator! Wondering what that entails? Click here for more info.

CUE Unplugged also allows anyone streaming, liveblogging, back-channel chatting, Tweeting, or otherwise generating content for remote users can to list those resources here in right-most column. To be kept notified of changes and updates to this page, use the Notify Me tab above. Contact Steve Hargadon with questions or brainstorms!

The schedule for CUE Unplugged is below. As this is a "wiki," to add your presentation you just click on the edit button at the top of the page and add your session ("Presentation Title," "Your Name," "Short Description & Link") then click save. If you've never edited a wiki, don't worry--you can't do permanent damage if you mess anything up, and you're welcome to email for help. (And if you are successful, you've learned to edit a wiki!) Session times are 30 minutes--please keep to this to allow others their time. Feel free to combine with others, set up multiple demos in one time slot, or in other ways be creative! After you've created your session, you can also create a link through to a notes page is you want to give more details.

Thursday, March 4

Time (All times are US Pacific Time - GMT-8)
11 - 11:30 am
Title: Politics and civic engagement for our digital generation
Presenter: Cheryl Davis
Description: The multitude of blog and news sites gives our digital generation easy access to political information. Meet the challenge of keeping students engaged and informed with participatory civic literacy education.
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11:45 - 12:15 pm
Title: Ready Enough? Getting started with a 1:1 program
Presenter:Barbara Barreda
Description How do we move from the question to the statement- Ready Enough! We will look at the obstacles, get to the heart of the issue and then talk about embracing the change. Implementing a 1:1 program starts with a good converstaion so come and join in!
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12:30 - 1 pm
Title: An Online Library of Open Educational Video Resources
Presenter: Rushton Hurley
Description: I will describe my nonprofit's free library of educational videos, by and for teachers and students everywhere. Project possibilities and resources are yours for listening to me ramble. See the site at:
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1:15 - 1:45 pm
Title: ISTE SIGVirtual Environments
Presenter:Lisa Lynn
Description: Lisa will share developments at the newest ISTE Special Interest Group, SIGVE, with a remote assist from SIGVE Poobah, Scott Merrick, in Nashville, TN
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Friday, March 5

Time (All times are US Pacific Time - GMT-8)
10 - 10:30 am
Facilitator:Alice Mercer
Title: Building Social Constructivist Learning Environments in Online Settings
Presenters: Tammy Stephens, Dr. Victoria Lovejoy, and Connie Jaeger
Description: The session will examine the intersection of technical knowledge, learning pedagogy, and digital culture in online learning environments.
Link to PowerPoint Presentation
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10:45 - 11:15 am
Title:Including Technology in your Unit Planning Using Understanding by Design (UbD)
Presenter:Alice Mercer
Description: After attending Chris Lehmann's session on Progressive Pedagogy at NECC 2009, I began using UbD to plan units in my computer lab. I'll share how it's going, what's problems I've had, and where things are going. It should also be a nice follow up to the previous session. This session is suitable for folks who are looking for a better unit planning concept, or are curious about UbD. Share your experiences and ideas.
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11:30 - 12 pm
Facilitator:Alice Mercer
Title: “Hey, Just Because It Is Online Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Have Field Trips, Right?”
Presenter: Todd Conaway
Description: I know what you are thinking, "This session will explore how Second Life can be used for virtual field trips in online classes." Well, I am more interested in how we can create more first life field trips/experiences for our students. Particularly, I am interested in how faculty training often lacks the notion completely, especially in online course development. A short presentation and some conversation and ideas?
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2:30 - 3 pm
Title: Starting an Educational Social Network: The Soft Skills
Presenter: Steve Hargadon
Description: I'll discuss recent work I've been doing to identify success strategies for starting professional development or educational community networks. In particular, we'll look at the soft-skills side and why the community manager and early adopters are so important.
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3:15 - 3:45 pm
Title: Sugar In Your Classroom. How Sweet It Is!
Presenter: Caryl Bigenho, OLPC/Sugar Labs Volunteer
Description: Sugar is the free, open source software used on OLPC's XO laptops by over 1 million children worldwide. Your students can now enjoy learning, collaborating, and exploring with this child-friendly software on computers you already have. Sugar is available for free download to USB stick or live CD. We will look at some of the fun learning Activities that are included in Sugar On A Stick (SoaS) and find out how you can make your own SoaS.
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4 - 4:30 pm
Paul Devoto
Title: The Perfect Classroom: Making it Meaningful
Presenter: Paul Devoto
Description: See how a middle school classroom utilizes brain research, technology, and creativity to engage students in powerful, relevant learning experiences. Sample student work, screencasts, and videos will be shared.
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